Brioche d'Arquien (ブリオッシュ・ダルキアン Buriosshu Darukian) ore her real name Hina Makishima (ヒナ・マキシマ) is a freelance Knight of the Biscotti Knights. She is revered as the land's "strongest swordsmaster", surpassing the "Strongest of Biscotti".

Name origin

In line with the naming practice of the series, Brioche is named after a kind of French bread.


Brioche d'Arquien is a kindhearted samurai with brown hair and Blue eyes. She also has long thick braided hair with dog ears. She wears the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad Armor with Light Leather armor, carrying a Backsword and Ōdachi on her waist.


She has a love for wine, and is elegant and quiet. She uses sessha and ~gozaru in her speech, a formal archaic form of speech much used by samurai in the past.


She is the leader of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad (オンミツ部隊 Onmitsu Butai), working on certain secret missions, to find and defeat the demons in Flognarde.

Aa a revered swordsman with fighting strength on par with Princess Leo, she was able to combat Nanami Takatsuki to a draw in Season 2, probably the first battle in which she did not come out victorious.


Brioche d'Arquien Former Squad Leader of The Biscotti Knights Secret Squad. She also has a strong bond with Yukikaze Panettone, who she found gazing into a stream as a child after her family was killed by demons.

In season 2, it has been revealed that she has an older brother named Isuka Makishima, who is a master swordsmith.

Powers & Abilities

  • Brioche's emblem (Level 1)
  • Brioche's emblem (Level 2)
  • Skycracking Cutter
  • Age Regressed Brioche warns everybody

Brioche is extremely proficient in the usage of zanbatō-like ōdachis. She is almost unbeatable in battle.

  • Skycracking Cutter (烈空一文字): Brioche slashes out an energy blast that slices anything in half, while dealing damage to her opponents in war.
  • Wrought Iron Cannon (瞬皇・煉天砲):
  • Wolf Destruction Fang (神狼滅牙):
  • Wolf Destruction Fang: Demonic Slayer (神狼滅牙・封魔断滅)


  • "I'm an independent Knight of Biscotti, and The Leader of its special unit: Brioche d'Arquien".


  • The reason she lives so long is because of contact with demon blood, which slowed her aging and previously prevented her from growing up.


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