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Castle Eschebach a huge castle that is the seat of government of Pastillage and residency of Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage.


The castle is located at one end of Pastillage, through the main streets, taking up almost the entire center of the capitol.

The Exterior

The castle is huge (compared to the castles of Biscotii Republic and Galette Lion Territory). The main building of the Palace consists of 4 floors. Its facade is white with huge-framed cafe-style windows. When viewed from afar, it seems that is yellow. On its front stands a great courtyard (almost the length of the castle) which holds seven pools within its expanse. Its sides have oleanda trees. In the view of the entrance, the castle is surrounded by a steel grate. In the rear, stand what appears to be a garden. When viewed from a distance, two white towers are visible (possibly surveillance).

The left wing has a beautiful garden, lined with gazebo. The right wing extends to a small red out-building; a large wooden structure. (This is possibly the landing bay used by Couvert)

The Interior

So far it has been revealed that the building has a large steam-vent bath room, the apartments of Courvet, Adele and the Demon King

It has also be revealed that that beneath the castle, there lies a multi-level a secret vault.