Pastillage's Hero King Legend
Season 2, Episode 6
Air date August 11, 2012
Kanji パスティヤージュ英雄王伝説
Romaji Pasutiyāju Eiyū Ō Densetsu
Episode Director Odahiro Watanabe
Storyboard Junji Nishimura, Tetsuya Watanabe
Screenplay Masaki Tsuzuki
Animation Director Anna Yamaguchi, Ayako Kanemaru, Kazuhiro Oki, Rie Aoki, Yuka Koichi
Opening Fearless Hero
Ending Natsu no Yakusoku
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Pastillage's Hero King Legend (パスティヤージュ英雄王伝説 Pasutiyāju Eiyū Ō Densetsu) is the sixth episode of the second season of the Dog Days series. It first aired on August 11, 2012.


The rulers and heroes of the three nations have a meeting in Pastillage in preparation for the next event. Couvert brings Shinku before a monument to the Legendary Hero who founded the country and they accidentally release Valério Calvados, the ancient Demon King sealed there. Valério creates a huge commotion throughout the palace until Adélaïde Grand Marnier, the hero who was sealed along him, appears to put him in his proper place.