Dog Days Drama Box Vol.1
5.5: Lake Arnet, Water Combat!
Dog days drama box cover
Song information
Genre Audio Drama
Released August 24, 2011
Product Code SVWC-7788~7789
Length 91 minutes
Format 2 CDs

DOG DAYS Drama Box Volume 1 is the first Drama CD of the Dog Days first season anime. It was released in a 2CD set on August 24, 2011. The drama is titled Episode 5.5: Lake Arnet, Water Combat! (アーネット湖・水上戦! Annetto Mizuumi Suijyousen), taking continuity between episodes 5 and 6. [1]

The Drama CD contains a hidden insert song, Stand up Ears ~Princess&Saver Mix~, sung by Cinque and Millhi's seiyuu.


Taking place after the Princess Recapture Battle, Gaul hosts a water festival event as a public apology. Within Biscotti's territory, a heated battle takes alight between heroes, knights and princesses with non-visual fanservice.


Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. プロローグ
  2. 今日の戦は水上戦
  3. ふたりは仲良し!
  4. 本日の衣裳=カラフル水着
  5. 姫と秘書と騎士団長
  6. 湖畔・ガウル陣営
  7. 水着着装!
  8. 紀ノ川←→ロンドン
  9. 全騎士入場!
  10. ガレット本隊帰還中

Disc 2

  1. 開戦!シンクVSガウル
  2. 水上戦でもジェノワーズ!
  3. 姫様&エクレール
  4. 近衛メイド長、緊張
  5. ちょっと休憩…
  6. サプライズイベント
  7. 姫様、回ってー
  8. 王子と勇者と
  9. 視線
  10. 正義見参!
  11. 大成功?
  12. 戦い終わって
  13. ビスコッティの夜は更けて
  14. Stand up Ears ~Princess&Saver Mix~
  15. ガレットの夜も更けて
  16. Stand up Ears ~Princess&Saver Mix~ (シンク Off Version)
  17. Stand up Ears ~Princess&Saver Mix~ (ミルヒ Off Version)
  18. Stand up Ears ~Princess&Saver Mix~ (Off Vocal Version)


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