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Latest News: As of January 17, 2015, the Episode 2 of Season 3 of Dog Days, Dog Days", has finally aired officially in Japan after the anticipated wait. Anime streaming sites may already have the second episode posted. The next episode is planned it air on January 24, 2015.

January 11, 2015: Dog Days Wiki has finally reached 100 pages! The Wiki is expected to reach at least 150 pages by the end of the third season (currently airing). Thanks to everyone that made this possible!

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Affectionately nicknamed Millhi, Millhiore is the 13-year-old Princess of Biscotti Republic with a gentle and hardworking personality. Despite being young and inexperienced for a leader, she is loved by everyone in the nation. She is also a singer at the same time, holding events and concerts and appearing in person in front of everyone despite her status.
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