Eclair Martinozzi is a 14-year-old female knight of Biscotti Republic as well as the leader of the Biscotti Knights Praetorian Guards unit.

Name origin

In line with the naming practice of the series, Eclair (Ekurēru, French pronunciation) is named after the French pastry éclair.

She is also nicknamed Eclai (エクレ Ekure).


Eclair has short green hair and blue eyes. Her eyes are small compared to other people of her kingdom.


She bears great admiration towards Millhiore and holds her with utmost respect. She is always troubled by Cinque's "ignorance of the ways of the world", and has a very serious attitude, albeit stubborn. In addition, she serves as the foil to Cinque, and is a tsundere towards him. A running gag is that she has an inferiority complex about her ears, as they are smaller in size and drooping down as compared to the other characters.



Lorrain Martinozzi is her elder brother, who is the leader of Biscotti Knights.

In season 2, Episode 8 Eclair kissed Cinque on the mouth by accident, that was her (and Cinque's) first kiss; it is later further shown that she has developed some feelings for him

Yuki and Rico:close friend from childhood. The three are present almost all the time together being Eclair's best friends.

Powers & Abilities

  • Eclair's emblem (Level 1)
  • Eclair's emblem (Level 2)
  • Eclair's emblem (Level 3)
  • Skycracking Cross
  • Eclair's javelin attack
  • Bright Equipment: Bright Ice Sword
  • Go to Eclair, Brioche and Yuki become kids again
  • eclair in a bikini in s2 episode 4
  • Eclair in a conversation with Yuki and Rico s1 ep.7

Eclair has been training as a knight since childhood, and is proficient in dual-sword wielding. She can also use a javelin as a weapon. In season 2, she has undergone training prior to Cinque's return, enough to amplify her bright power to manifest her own Bright Equipment




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