Bright Power

Bright Power

Emblem Arts (紋章術 Monshō Jutsu) are the magic-like skills in the world of Flognarde. It is the technique to collect and use the Flogna power (フロニャ(ちから) Furonya chikara) from the earth and sky of Flognarde. By concentrating the Flogna power onto one's emblem and fusing it with one's life power, an energy called bright power (輝力 kiryoku) can be generated to perform different Emblem Arts.[1]


The emblems shown in Emblem Arts is likely organization-based. Millefi's and Leo's emblems are same as their respective national emblems. Shinku's emblem is also same as Millefi's, as his weapon Palladion is a Treasure Sword of the Biscotti Republic. Eclair and Lorrain share the same emblem (probably Biscotti Knights or Martinozzi family). The three members of Génoise also share the same emblem.


There are three levels of Emblem Arts, which can be identified from the sizes and colors.

  • Level 1: The emblem is shown on the back of the caster's hand.
  • Level 2: The emblem is shown at the rear of the caster, who can then cast more powerful attacks.
  • Level 3: The emblem is shown at the rear of the caster, enlarged, more detailed, and with more solid colors. The caster can launch highest-powered Emblem Cannons from the weapon.

Types of Emblem Arts

Emblem Arts could be categorized into the followings:

  • Emblem Cannon (紋章砲 Monshō Hō): Beam-type skills. Its mechanism is to turn the Flogna power into bright power, then fire it from one's weapon.[2]
    • Archery Emblem Cannon: Beam-type skills fired from archery weapons.
  • Emblem Sword (紋章剣 Monshō Ken): Blade-type skills. Mainly used by Brioche and Eclair.
  • Emblem Knuckle (紋章拳 Monshō Ken): Fist-type skills. Mainly used by Yukikaze.
  • Bright Power Open (輝力開放技 Kiryoku Kaihō Waza): Probably self-buffing arts. For example, Gaul's Lion King Paws and Shinku's body-strengthening.
  • Bright Equipment (輝力武装 Kiryoku Busou): Aura-manifestation skills. By concentrating this/her bright power to its highest degree, the user can manifest his/her bright power into a materialized-shaped form.


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