The First Battle
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date April 9, 2011 (Japan)
Kanji はじめての戦
Romaji Hajimete no Ikusa
Episode Director Shingo Tamaki
Storyboard Shingo Tamaki
Screenplay Masaki Tsuzuki
Animation Director Shingo Tamaki
Opening Scarlet Knight
Ending Presenter
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The First Battle (Hajimete no Ikusa はじめての戦) is the second episode of the Dog Days series. It involves Cinque's experience on his first battlefield in Flognarde. The episode first aired on April 9, 2011.


Biscotti's army fights a losing battle with the forces of Galette until Shinku manages to hold off the enemy's offensive fighting alongside Captain Éclair Martinozzi. However, the two must join forces to confront Galette's commander and most powerful warrior, Leonmichelli Galette des Rois.


Cinque Izumi, the newly summoned hero, finally reached the battlefield on the Biscotti end of the course, and briefed from Lorrain about the battlefield rules and routes. He makes his way towards the offensive end of the course to assist Eclair. Cinque impresses the audience from both sides as his acrobatic reflexes parred with his fighting abilities earn Biscotti more points with his numerous swift knock-outs and touch-outs.

Back on Earth, Rebecca was asked by her friends, if she was going to spend the summer with Cinque. To avoid any complex relationship theories, Rebecca informed them it was more due to their parents' being friends. In addition she added that Cinque was immature, valuing sports and athletics over all.

Meanwhile on the battlefield, Cinque manages to reach Eclair, who is slightly in denial of Biscotti needing a hero. Cinque ask Eclair to teach him about the Seal Cannons, from Millhe's recommendation. Proceding each level with ease, the combined Seal Cannons obliterated all enemy forces in front of them. Suddenly, an arrow was fired at Cinque, but deflected by Eclair and evading the hit. The archer was revealed to be Galette commander in chief, Leon Galette des Rois.

After a broad introduction from herself and the CMs, Leon herself heads towards Bsicott's defense, taking down the archers with overwhelming swiftness. She manages to reach the final defense line, until Cinque and Eclair makes an aerial intercept, but Leon manages to dodge them. She then unleashes her most powerful Emblem Arts, where its omnidirectional explosion knocking out most Biscotti forces within range. As it seemed that Gallete has won, it turns out both Cinque and Eclair remain unharmed thanks too Eclair propelling them both in the air with sword before impact. The two cooperate making a a final clash with Leon, completely disarming and slightly disrobing her. Leon forfeits after being impressed for their attemptive strike, earning Biscotti victory.

The battle ends with a closing report from the commentators (and minor fanservice courtesy of Eclair). Biscotti celebrates with a banquet and a live concert held by Princess Millhe herself. Shinku is obliged to stay for the concert, but hope to return home to tell his parents first. Things come shocking as Shinku and Millhe separately learn at the same time: once a hero is summoned to Flonyard, he cannot return back!