The Geography of Fliongarde

There are several places in Dog Days that are mentioned. Hyperlinks will be added soon.

I am adding Geography because this is constantly changing in the series. Some characters also disappear into the void of the world as they 'travel' as mentioned onaa mission in episode 1 with the lead knight. While others appear to become main cast members.


A inland area full of humanoid Cats. Which appears to be in the West


Biscotti's is overlooking the city, which is on an island inland within the capitol. The surrounding area is full of traps, gymnastics, and various odd engineered buildings which are meant for training for wars, and battles. However the plains are shown to be beautiful and lush like the Eastern United States in combination with similar plain climates.

However further east shows that the Biscotti Empire reaches 'very far East'. 


It is noted that Pastillage the mage country is also located on the ocean East of Biscotti, further, however in season 3 it was mentioned and appears to be closer then thought.

Dragon Forest

The Dragon Forest is South and 'close' to all of the other empires. It appears the 'tri'- federation in Season 3. The land is lush and reminicentt of several areas on Earth for example the falls shown are like the 1000nd falls in South America, the Volcano is similar to a tropical volcano.