Leaf Lang du Sha Halver is the 8th prince of Sankt Halver and a relative of Vert FarBreton

Name origin

Halver is a town in Germany who's coat of arms is stone of judgements table under a linden tree over a checkered base. Perhaps more relevant to the naming conventions of the series, a Halva is a Greek Semolina cake.


Leaf is a cute young boy. When he first appears, Leaf was disguised beneath a white cloak and hood.  His usual clothes are predominantly green with brown trim.  He wears a light green and black overcoat, dark green with brown trim tabbard, and white trousers with brown boots. His hair is blond hair cut to medium short length. He has two pure white rabbit ears and a white puffball tail.


Leaf is a determined young boy with a thoughtful and serious demeanor.  He has dedicated himself to becoming a strong fighter and has achieved remarkable proficiency.  However he is still somewhat naive and easily embarrassed.  


As a young boy Leaf encountered Leonmitchelli during a diplomatic visit to his country.  The older girl encouraged his play-practice with a wooden sword and the smitten boy decided to dedicate himself to training. Leo considers her advice to have shown him the path he should follow.  After several years, he disguised himself to enter, and almost win, the Omai Tourney without quite understanding the full purpose of the event.

After the event, on being told that an omai was more than two people sitting together and getting to know one another, Leaf blushed furiously and fainted.

Powers & Abilities

Leaf fights using a short sword, and a large crossbow which can fire green energy projectiles.  He is quite agile and swift.  A measure of his combat proficiency is that out of all the suitors at the omai tourney--many of the strongest warriors from around the continent--he alone managed to fight Leo to near victory.  Though he was knocked out after a long clash, mere moments later Leo stumbled and her armor (and clothes) shattered,

Leaf is a master of projectiles, using a crossbow as his weapon,  Leaf's prowess and accuracy with it is master-class.

Leaf's rabbit ears endow him with acute hearing.



  • His name in Japanese is リーフ・ラング・ド・シャー・ハルヴァー.