Nanami Takatsuki is Cinque's older cousin and an acquaintance to Becky. She is also Cinque's rival in the Iron Athletics (アイアンアスレチック Aian Asurechikku), a game closely related to Ninja Warrior. In the second season, Nanami is summoned to Flonyard by Leonmitchelle to serve as a heroine to her country, Galette, in the same fashion as Cinque is chosen as Milhiore's hero.



Nanami's character is more like a happy girl. She is also childish and too excited sometimes. She becomes more serious than normal when she is in a war.


Nanami is summoned to Flonyard by Leonmitchelli to serve as a heroine under her, in the same fashion as Shinku is chosen as Millihiore's hero.


  • Cinque Izumi: He is Nanami's cousin, and rival in the Iron Athletics.

Powers & Abilities

The weapon she wields is the Divine sword Ex Machina, which like Shinku's Palladion, assumes the form of a staff according to Nanami's prefference. She can also create ice skates from Ex Machina, allowing her to glide and manipulate water. Nanami and Shinku create "Internal Neptune: Twin God Fist" in episode 3 when battling Rebecca. She has a gained a specially made hero crystal from Adel, called a Spirit Crystal as of Season 3.



  • Nanami has yet to be defeated by Shinku
  • Nanami's voice actress, Nana Mizuki also voiced Ricotta Elmar.
  • She is also the only person who had been able to fight against Brioche d'Arquien on almost equal terms.
  • Design-wise, she is based off of Subaru Nakajima from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, which was also made by Seven Arcs.

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