Vert FarBreton is a member of Génoise, the bodyguard team directly under Gaul Galette des Rois.

Name origin

Vert is French for "green". FarBreton is named after the French cake "Far Breton".


Her clothes are all in her chosen colour (and name) green. She wears a green skirt and a long black and white jacket, with green sleeves. She also wears black tights and black boots with two rings of white and one green on them. Her blond hair is always out except the bow at the back. She has two pure white rabbit ears that start at the back of her fringe and a white puffball tail. Also is noted that she has large breast


Vert is an gentle character of the Galette faction who is an airhead at the same time. Despite she is a master-class archer, she is known to be "destructively clumsy" out of battle, during normal days.


Vert hails from the country of Sankt Halver, and is a relative of Leaf Lang du Sha Halver, the young 8th prince of Halver.

Powers & Abilities

Vert is a master of projectiles, using a bow as her weapon, Vert's prowess and accuracy with it is of master-class.